Brawl Stars hack and slash game developed obsidian. It is similar to that of the Megaman series, but instead of controlling Megaman you play the part of a brawl, an arcade-styled side character in the game. The hack and slash game itself is very nice to look at, especially the amazing cel-shading graphics. The music fits the hack and slash genre very well, with dark, hard beats and fast-paced attacks. The story is told in a single frame story that makes you feel like you’re part of it. For those who want to get into the action as soon as possible, this is definitely the game for you.

You can buy the Hack Unlimited Gems version of the game for a very cheap price of less than forty bucks. While it doesn’t have nearly as much content as the original, it’s still a worthy game to play. There are four different classes you can choose from, which are Knight, Shaman, Priest, and Rogue. Each class has their own special skills and powers, and they can be leveled up to level fifty. There are also twelve levels in all, but this doesn’t seem to bother players much, since the gems can so easily be refilled.

If you enjoy playing games that have a lot of leveling up involved, then you’ll love this game. The gems can be collected very quickly and using them will drastically help your overall score. The downside of the game is that you can’t really save anything unless you’re playing on the highest difficulties. It’s a good idea to save your progress after each level unless you’re trying to get a higher score.

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